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What kind of Dog Food do I feed ?

For years I fed the good-quality President's Choice from Super Store or Extra Foods.
However, when they put the price up and removed the "Veterinarian Approved" label, I started looking for something better.

I quickly found out that just because it's expensive does not mean it is a superior product.
I finally stopped by my butcher to see what he had. They sold a ground up, frozen dog food made up of the liver, heart, kidneys, fat etc.
My dogs now get this raw hamburger from the butcher, plain yogurt and juiced organic carrots (pulp added back in).
I juice because it's raw and it's fine enough that when mixed with the ,
yogurt and meat, they can't pick out the carrots). I feed carrots to help prevent cancer.
They also get fresh juiced blueberries, cranberries and organic apples everyday
(no apple seeds as they are poisonous to dogs), they each get a raw egg and some raw steak.
In order to provide adequate daily calcium, I rinse the egg shells, cook them 10 minutes at 300F,
then grind them to a fine powder and I feed 1 tsp per 75 lbs. I mix this powder in with the mixture above.
Note that the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio is extremely important: approx 1.2 Calcium to 1 Phosphorus.
Also note that raw bones have the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio.
They get a raw chicken leg mid to late afternoon (never feed any kind of cooked bones as they can splinter, damaging your dogs insides).
They also have free-choice hard dog food throughout the day to get any nutrients that my home-made may be lacking and in case the homemade
is not enough for the young, pregnant, or nursing dogs who need extra.
I don't expect everyone to make their own dog food, but I figured I could make my own for the price of dog food and at least I know what they are getting.

The kibble I start the puppies on at 7 weeks is Acana Large Breed Puppy - it is made of only human-grade meat,
and no grains (except for a small amount of oatmeal which is gluton free).
The kibble I buy for the adult dogs is Acana Wild Prairie which is no-grain.
Grains do not have the proper kind of protein that can be used by dogs. Dogs need the protein found in meat and eggs.
With so many people and dogs developing allergies to wheat and gluton, it is best to stay away from grains in your dog food
and treats as it may cause more harm than good.
My dogs also get quite a few treats through the day but they are healthy treats (no sugar added), like Pure Snacks Liver and dried chicken strips.
And of course they get meaty bones from the butcher or chewies everyday. The healthiest chewies (next to the real bones) are probably the 'bullies" I buy at Pet Planet.
Some people would say my dogs are spoiled - I prefer to think they are loved.

Check out this link to Hilory`s Blend for homemade dog food recipes and their supplement, to ensure your dog is getting
all of it`s daily requirements: http://www.completeandbalanced.com/

Never give a puppy or dog cows milk as it will give them diarrhea, and Never feed a dog fresh raw Pacific Salmon as it can cause Salmon poisoning in Canines and without treatment the dog will likely die. If you want to feed raw Pacific salmon freeze it at -20C for 7 days to kill the parasite that can cause the poisoning.

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